Mechanical manifacturing
on third party

From 1979  we help the enterprises  that operate in the mechanical sector to automatize the trials of their machineries creating customised components whom they require.

The remarkable knowledge acquired with the passing of the time and the constant technologic innovations, have enabled us to provide good quality standard products very tidy un the trim, these characteristics have rewarded us consolidating our presence in the engineering sector.

Executive precision

Supported by the use of computerized system ad CAD and CAD-CAM, we prokect and build outfittings suitable to the different working required.

Quality check

Through the use of measuring instrument and an anthropomorphus measuring Arm CAM2 Platinum we carry out dimensional checks on the machine.

Specialized operators

Each operation is performed by specialized operators who guarantee absolute professionalism in every phase of processing. We put the best tools in their expert hans.

From raw material we create the components for your productive process

With our machines we can mill-bore “structures” with measures up to 8 metres, lathe diameters up to 3.2 metres, but also make pieces of small dimensions thenl to CNC lathes and working centres.

We can work any kind of materials: plastic, steel, inox steel, aluminium, iron, cast iron, bronze, copper etc.
A solid collaboration with external providers allows us to provide a finished product also of toothing-heat treatment, griding, buffing, chromium plating, shot, blasting, welding.

Based on 3D project

Starting from your project we realize large and small pieces with maximum precision and great care for each step of the work.







We are family

For two generation we realize mechanical manifacturing on third party and today, after fourty years, our company covers 10.000 square meters and our team consists of 30 specialized operators.
We are and we’ll be a big family.

Some of our clients