Our work
for two generations

In 1979 the brothers Agostino and Angelo Bragazzi began their activity in a small warehouse of just 40 square meters with only a few manual machines. In the following years, with a few more employees and the purchase of more sophisticated machines, their business expanded more and more until in 1997 they were forced to change locations to work better in suitable spaces capable of hosting important machinery. With an ever-increasing number of people and with the support of technological innovations, the company has grown and still continues to do so, always accepting new challenges thanks to over thirty years of experience in the sector.

From the beginning

What has been done since 1979 is a source of pride, a guarantee to our customers, meter to evaluate our potential and our actual capabilities.



The activity begins in a small warehouse of just 40 square meters with a few manual machines



Finally it is possible to hire new employees and buy new machinery



The business is expanded: six employees and new important machines



The work area is again expanded to make room for new machines: parallel lathes, CNC milling machines and a machining center



A new office in Ozzano Taro has a total surface area of ​​4000 square meters, of which 1300 are covered, 12 employees and other new machines



The company occupies a total area of ​​10000 square meters, of which 1800 used as a workshop, 200 offices and has 27 employees



We continue to grow, keeping us constantly updated, with cutting-edge machinery and a 40-year experience

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